If you're anything like me, your ideal dream in life is to make/have enough money to build a compound so that all of your favorite people and their families can all be in one central location. If you so choose, you can see each other daily, but you also have enough space for personal isolation if you just want a "me" day.

This 484-acre property could be your personal compound

Instead of having to take the time, resources, and money to build a compound, wouldn't it be convenient if one already existed that you could just purchase? You're in luck, because Legacy Properties Sotheby's International Realty has listed this almost 6,700 square foot property for $10 million!

135 Hartview Circle, Orland, Maine

This property is an outdoorsy person's dream, with miles of private trails to hike as well as thousands of feet of private water frontage to enjoy however you choose. Add to that the numerous cliffs and two mountains, and there's no shortage of life and nature to enjoy in this private waterfront oasis.

And with 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and two additional cottages right on the water, there's plenty of room for your favorite people to be repeat guests!

The Most Expensive Home in Maine is a Private Waterfront Oasis Listed for $10M

If you've ever wanted your own personal compound, this is the place.

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