Looking for a New Home? Or Three? The most expensive home in NH can be yours for a cool $$25.8 Million. Wow, this isn’t what I would call home but a Palace! Businessinsider.com has pictures of the listing online and I can’t believe its real. The incredible estate sits prominently on the edge of Lake Winnipesaukee in Alton, New Hampshire. It is really three homes.

The Estate was built by Bob Bahre and his son, Gary Bahre. There are two main houses that are massive and have more than 63,000 square feet of living space. That living space includes some grand staircases, a Moroccan-style room and a library with a hidden passageway!

According to businessinsider.com, the home was originally listed for $49 million but you can pick it up for a steal at $25.8 million. I think you would have to win the lottery to maintain the property which has several decks over the water, a pool with a hidden grotto and an “entertainment barn” that looks like something out of the great hall in the Harry Potter movies. The Bahre family is said to spend most of their time in St. Barts and Maine since selling the speedway. It’s a steal at the asking price but how to afford the upkeep is a different story. I wonder who will be the lucky buyer?

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