Whether we like it or not, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  If hitting the town for a fancy dinner is not in the cards for you, we’ve got a great alternative.

Grab your most comfy pj’s, get a snack and get ready to binge watch some cheesy tv.  According to comparitech.com, each state actually has their most popular rom-com!

While I was going through the list in my head of all time favorites, the Notebook is obviously number one.  Ryan Gosling in the rain?  Yes, please!

I was surprised to learn that in New Hampshire there is another favorite.  It might have something to do with the fact that Adam Sandler grew up in Manchester, NH and the natives love him.  The Wedding Singer is the most watched rom-com in the granite state.

What about Maine?  Well Bridget Jones was the clear favorite.  Not far behind, was Renee Zellwegger's other major role in….Jerry Maguire.   You complete me.  Ok, I'm in!

Vermonters apparently love their British comedies.  Their clear favorite was Love Actually.

And let’s not forget the great state of Massachusetts where we love guys holding boomboxes over their head and singing to us at the top of their lungs.  Say Anything was number one in the Bay State.

So, no hot date for Valentine’s Day? No worries!  Just grab one of these classics to curl up with and enjoy!



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