Am I the only one that thinks Oreo just needs to cool their wafers for a minute?

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Over the last few years, it seems like every time you turn around Oreo is coming out with a new flavor. At the risk of sounding old fashioned, there's just something satisfying in the simplicity of two chocolate wafers with a sweet crème filling in the middle. I don't need Cinnamon Bun, Peeps, Swedish Fish, or their newest flavor; Firework Oreos. Who wants a cookie that explodes in their mouth?

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No, I don't need any of those Oreos. But what I do need is half a million dollars! And that's exactly what Oreo is offering up if you create their next special flavor of America's favorite cookie.

Nabisco just launched a new contest where you can submit ideas for the next limited-edition Oreo. You can enter by using the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest on Twitter with your flavor idea until July 14th. They'll narrow down the field and let the world vote. The winner gets $500,000 and Oreo will produce and sell the flavor.

According to Ad Week, winning entries will be judged on a few different criteria. 40% of  weight will given to creativity. 30% on originality of the idea. And how it actually tastes counts for only 30 percent. Which tells me it's more about the marketing than how good the cookie really is. Look no further than the Root Beer Float Oreo!

Anyway, good luck if you enter the contest. As for me, I'll be over here with my old school Oreos and a glass of milk.

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