There’s nothing like getting the kids all nestled in bed and baking some nice, homemade cookies for Santa Claus to snack on when he visits on Christmas Eve.

Well guess what: some of us our busy. Many of us are tired. And if there’s raw cookie dough in the area, chances are we’re just gonna mow it down as-is rather than try to bake something on Christmas freakin’ Eve.

But that leaves us with a problem: where, then, do New Hampshirites turn to acquire the cookies necessary to ensure St. Nick is sufficiently jolly?

You can’t just go with the basics. I mean, by the time Santa Claus makes it to North America, he’s seen just about everything. You can save your Oreos and your Chips Ahoy. Santa already grabbed a bunch of those from an airport vending machine when one of the reindeer had to, well, defuel, shall we say.

And spare me the Fig Newtons. He choked down enough of those indistinguishable snack-pastry hybrids over in England (and as the Figgy folks themselves will tell you, they’re not technically cookies.)

Maybe you have some Girl Scout Cookies leftover in your pantry, but you don’t think Santa already bought hundreds of those at the workshop when the elves guilted him into helping out their kids?

This is Santa Claus we’re talking about. The King of Cookies. You gotta go big.

Before I got desperate and delved into my daughter’s Halloween candy in search of anything with cookie energy, I asked for some recommendations.

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