I have owned several golden retrievers and they are a special breed to me.  According to the nypost.com, Kate Olsen of New Hampshire found her long lost.  A golden retriever named Walter was found after he went missing in Missouri while Olson was visiting her family. Walter slipped out of his collar and into the woods while Olson was visiting family last year for Thanksgiving according to reporting from Missouri KSDK-TV.

Kate searched and searched.  Walter suffers from anxiety, so Kate was super concerned about his well-being.  He was far from her home in New Hampshire.  Kate stayed on in Missouri for as long as she could searching for Walter.  She posted flyers but still no Walter.  She refused to give up on him.  Kate created a Facebook page to help aid in the search.  She did receive some reports of some sightings which drew her back to Missouri only to have her hopes dashed.  All in all, she spent more than $1000 on flights back and forth, on flyers and she never gave up hope.


Against all odds, Walter showed up!  A volunteer rescue group named Lost Paws Trapping based in Illinois found him.  Of course, Walter has been through a lot.  Imagine if you had anxiety and had to survive in the woods for nearly a year.  Friends of Kate Olson and Walter started a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical expenses and travel back to New Hampshire.  Walter seems to be having a speedy recovery and has had more than one bath and grooming session to clean him up.  I love a happy ending!




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