We all know the infamous words of the one and only Gretchen Wilson:

'Cause I'm a redneck woman
I ain't no high class broad
I'm just a product of my raising
I say, "hey ya'll" and "yee-haw"
And I keep my Christmas lights on
On my front porch all year long

Last week on 'Kira and Logan in the Morning' on 97.5 WOKQ, we heard from all kinds of redneck mamas (for Mothers Day).

We heard from dirt biking mamas, we heard from hunting mamas, and we even heard a story from a mama who goes fishing naked. Why? Cause she is a damn redneck mama!

That got me thinking. Who else is a redneck in New Hampshire and Maine? What does a real redneck do?

Surly, leaving Christmas lights on your front porch all year long is a step in the right direction.

Christmas Lights on the outside of a house
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But I want more.

Redneck is an insult to some, but not all.

Redneck is practically a compliment to many in New Hampshire and Maine because they are proud to be hardworking, dirt under their fingernails, real down-to-earth people. No hoity-toity BS with my true rednecks.

I polled the rednecks of the world (New Hampshire and Maine) and I got some great answers:

"I'm so redneck I...use a flamethrower to start our fire pit", said Chery Winter Laflam.

"I'm so redneck I...loop my thumbs through my overall braces", said Annette Girotto. 

"I'm so redneck I...say crick instead of creek", said Tanya Perry Roy.

"I'm so redneck I...was late dropping my kid off at school because we were calling in a turkey to our backyard", said Michelle Corso.

"I'm so redneck I...have nightcrawlers in my fridge", said June O'Callaghan Gallup.

"I'm so redneck I...tape my salt and pepper shaker to hold the top on it", said Carletta Nichols.

"I'm so redneck I...paid off my own student loans without begging for handouts from Biden", said Gabe Shannon.

"I'm so redneck I...say 'Ayuh'", said Amy Creed.

"I'm so redneck I...build an ice carousel in my backyard every winter. It’s what you get when you combine whiskey rednecks and power tools", said Mae Roche.

Country on, my redneck friends.

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