I have been a cheese fanatic ever since I was a little girl. I remember sneaking slices of individually wrapped Kraft American cheese slices out of the fridge. I would usually get caught by my mom in the unwrapping process and she would confiscate the cheese. Not because she was cruel but because it was most likely my third slice that day. If I did quietly and successfully unwrap my treat I would eat it as quick as possible like a sneaky, cheese addicted mouse.

Now I'm a big girl and can eat all the cheese I want! That's right, watch out world! Charcuterie boards aka meat and cheese boards are all the rage right now and I love crafting them up when we have company. Which, sadly, is not often lately. Thanks a lot, Covid!

Honestly, I never met a slice of cheese I didn't love. But I think the best cheese I have ever eaten in my life is burrata when Steven and I visited Spain. It was a blessing and a curse because it was the best cheese I have ever tasted, but it ruined burrata for me here in America. It simply doesn't compare. (Don't I sound so worldly when I say stuff like that? Either that or snobby. LOL)

In honor of National Cheese Lovers Day, the day of my people, I asked on the WOKQ Facebook page what your favorite kind of cheese is. Here are some of your comments!

Amy Welch: Squeaky cheese! (Canadian cheese curds)

Sarah Mcintyre: Goat cheese on a cracker with hot pepper jelly

Lori Vinciguerra Lyman: Feta just because

Colleen Berencsi: Calefs rat trap cheese

Dawn Pettiglio: Pepperjack, love the kick

According to a recent study, New Hampshire's favorite cheese is brie! Well, well, well aren't we fancy! Delaware's was Cheez Wiz. Come on, guys.

Thanks for coming to my cheesy talk. I hope all my fellow cheese heads out there enjoy the holiday. (No, I'm not talking about Packers fans)

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