If you want the quarterback's John Hancock, you're going to have to go deep...in your pockets.

The NFL may be in full offseason mode, but the New England Patriots QB is charging  record prices for his autograph. According to TMZ.com, Tom will be taking part in private signing session at the end of the month in Manchester. Now, if this is the first you're hearing of the signing, you're already going to run into a big problem. According to the advertisement, all items to be signed had to be received by March 10th. Also, if you thought you could be a bystander that afternoon as Tom signed away, the public will not allowed at this signing.

TMZ noted the price of a signed photo was $849 a few years ago, and now it's over $1,000.

Despite the steep price, it's still a wise investment for some. Say you're an artist who painting a Tom Brady. Well, while Tom will sign your "canvas/artwork" for just under $2200. You can turn around and sell the painting for a LOT more now!


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