This whole ordeal started Sunday night when I saw a brand new backpack on the kitchen table. It was black but petite with buckles so I said to Steven "Babe, you bought me a new backpack?!" He then told me it was for him.

I decided to serve up the cold hard truth because we are getting married and that is what you do if you want to have an honest marriage. I let him know that his new backpack was most definitely girly. In fact, it looks like Cher's backpack in the movie "Clueless". ESPECIALLY with the buckles.

He argued with me insisting that it was manly and cool and I was wrong. He then suggested that I poll my listeners and see what they think! So here are some of our listener's opinions regarding the backpack:

Don't get me wrong some people were supportive of his fashion choices and his overall physique...

So there you have it, the people have spoken. And in case anyone wants to know Steven has been using this backpack on a daily basis. He doesn't seem to care if it's girly or not. I guess I got myself a secure man! And I'm not letting him get away..

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