Whether they are native Mainers or not, when most people are asked to think of the symbols of Maine several things will probably pop into their minds instantly.  Lobster, pine trees, potatoes (if you are from the northern part of the state), and LIGHTHOUSES.

Even though we have had much more efficient navigational aides for years, our lighthouses are still loved by locals and visitors.  For example, people literally drive (or fly) hundreds of miles in order to take pictures of the Portland Head Light.

According to Visit Maine, there are 65 lighthouses in the State of Maine.  Here is your opportunity to own one of them... FOR FREE!  Well, sort of...

According to an article in the KJ, the United States wants to get rid of ten lighthouses.  Six of these, including the one in Maine, will be given away.  The other four will be sold at auction.

The lighthouse available in Maine is the Little Mark Island light in Harpswell, Maine.  The 40 foot tall monument sits on a rocky island in Northern Casco Bay.

The other five lighthouses being given away include the Lynde Point Lighthouse in Old Saybrook, Connecticut; Plymouth/Gurnet Light in Massachusetts; Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth, Massachusetts; Warwick Neck Light, in Warwick, Rhode Island; and Erie Harbor North Pier Lighthouse in Pennsylvania.

The lighthouses that are to be auctioned off include the Penfield Reef Lighthouse in Fairfield, Connecticut; the West Pierhead Light in Cleveland Harbor; Stratford Shoal Light in the middle of Long Island Sound between New York and Connecticut; and Keweenaw Waterway Lower Entrance Light in Chassell, Michigan.

Taking ownership of one of these lighthouses is not without stipulations, though.  The idea is that the organization that takes over the lighthouse will make sure they are properly cared for and preserved.

If you are serious about taking possession of the Little Mark Island property, or any of the other offered lighthouses, get details HERE

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