We pulled into the parking lot of The Windmill Family Restaurant before the sun even had a chance to greet the day. The open sign wasn't lit up yet and all was quiet on the streets of Concord. 'Twas the calm before the storm.

Manager Mike cooked up his first omelets of the day just for us. They were cheddar and mushroom with homefries cooked to perfection. It was just the fuel we needed.

We then made friends with some regulars. This group of chums has been coming to the Windmill Family Restaurant every day for 10 years. They love to bust each other's chops, but you can tell there is some real love there. They didn't appreciate that we disrupted their routine and were sitting next to the booth that they have claimed their own.

Kira Lew, Townsquare Media

Then we sat and chatted with Bonnie (or as I like to call her, Bon Bon) and Tom who love the egg sandwiches at the Windmill.

Kira Lew, Townsquare Media

Before we knew it, it was time for Battle of the Sexes. We put young Erin up against Steven who shockingly knew a lot about Disney princesses and pulled through with yet ANOTHER victory for the dudes. He scored a four pack of passes to York's Wild Kingdom.

All and all it was an awesome kick off to our Five Cities in Five Days Tour! Thank you to the entire Windmill Family Restaurant for treating us like family and being so hospitable. If we didn't cause too much of a ruckus, we'd love to come back :)

We are so looking forward to dining at the LEGENDARY Red Arrow Diner in Manchester tomorrow!