The Good News and the Bad News


The bad news is there is a critical shortage of nurses in New Hampshire.  Most have been working overtime for months due to the pandemic and a lot of them are suffering burnout.  Some have taken retirement; others have left the profession which leaves area hospitals scrambling for new hires.


The Good News


The one bright spot in this nursing shortage is for nurses.  Those who are looking for work can pretty much name their asking price.  Many area hospitals are offering bonuses to work overtime shifts according to  Jennifer Torosian, associate chief nursing officer at Catholic Medical Center tells “We are at a critical shortage.  At some point, it’s not about the money anymore.  It’s about how many hours people are working.”  Nearly all New Hampshire nurses have been putting in 50 to 60-hour workweeks.  Some facilities such as Rockingham County are offering licensed nursing assistants a $5,000 signing bonus.


Be Kind


If you need to go to the hospital for any reason, remember to be kind. These nurses have been through a lot during the pandemic and a little kindness goes a long way with them.  They are short-staffed, exhausted, and dealing with people at one of the worst times of their lives.  Being a nurse is not just a job, it is a calling.  New Hampshire and the entire country are facing a shortage of qualified health care workers.  It may take years to get us back to normal.  What an opportunity for a great-paying career. My oldest boy's wife is going to school to become a nurse. God bless the nurses.


Here's a toast to the real heroes...

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