Holidays and family gatherings are simply the best. With Easter right around the corner, I'm sure you are looking forward to getting your own tribe together and enjoying some family traditions. Maybe every year you whip up the best deviled eggs this side of the Piscataqua River. Your brother always complains that they smell like farts, but you insist he's just jealous because everyone loves them and his veggie plate is lame.

But as fun as holidays are, sometimes they come with a side of stress, ESPECIALLY if you are the one hosting. You don't want to slave away all day in the kitchen! You want to sit back and drink too many mimosas with your sassy Aunt Carol.

Well, here's an idea! Why not bring this party somewhere where EVERYONE is a guest? Easter at a restaurant! Why the heck not?

The following Seacoast restaurants are open on Easter Sunday, according to the fine folks on the Seacoast Eats Facebook page.

Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth NH

OMG! You had me at the Lobster Hash Benny.

The Farm Bar and Grille, Dover NH

The weather might even be nice enough to enjoy your ham out on their precious deck!

Ginger & Clove Cafe, Hampton NH

So many benedicts, so little time!

Revolution Taphouse, Rochester NH 

I am such a huge fan of this place. They have a Michelin Star chef, for crying out loud. If you haven't been, you need to go!

Common Roots, Rye NH

If you'd like a healthier Easter menu, this is totally the spot for you!

The June Cork Pub, Dover NH

Celebrate Easter like the British do (with lot's of meat, apparently)!

They recommend adding their award-winning Seafood chowder to your Easter dinner this year. They will be open for curbside pick-ups on Easter Sunday from 10am - 5pm.

CR's the Restaurant, Hampton NH 

CR's the Restaurant via Facebook
CR's the Restaurant via Facebook

Sawbelly Brewing, Exeter NH

Sawbelly Brewing via Facebook
Sawbelly Brewing via Facebook

Sawbelly is taking your reservations now for Easter! Green Eggs and Hammy is on the brunch menu, just sayin'!

The Old Salt and Lamie's Inn, Hampton NH

PRIME RIB? Sign me up!

603 Bar and Lounge

603 Bar & Lounge via Facebook
603 Bar & Lounge via Facebook

Traditional? No. Awesome? YES! They will be offering a limited menu on Easter, with Chef Britt's secret pineapple champagne ham recipe as a main entrée. Nom Nom Nom.

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