It turns out that traveling through the snow in a 'one-horse open sleigh' isn't a Christmas-exclusive concept after all.

It's obvious that lots of us enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. But what about the folks who'd rather not put a pair of sticks on their feet and zoom down mountains? How about those who'd prefer to kick up those feet by a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and their favorite Netflix show?

Well, horse-drawn sleigh rides are a great way for people to participate in an enjoyable winter activity at a more relaxed pace. A friend of mine recently said that a way to be more optimistic about our long, dreary winters is by having seasonal things to look forward to. Perhaps this could be such an option for you.

There are a bunch of places in New Hampshire and Maine that offer sleigh rides to visitors during the winter months. Most of these locations have different options for both couples and larger parties, so there's something for everyone.

And hey, what would your cold winter journey be without warm refreshments afterwards? Many of these spots have got you covered and provide hot cocoa, marshmallows, and a cozy fire after your ride.

So, let's take a look at some of the best horse-drawn sleigh rides in New Hampshire and Maine.

Best Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides in New Hampshire and Maine

It turns out that traveling in a "one-horse open sleigh" isn't a Christmas-exclusive thing after all.

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