Let's be honest, Maine is a magical state on its own. Maine offers so much such as beautiful oceans, majestic mountains, lighthouses, lobster, as well as many lakes and rivers. Honestly, these are just some of the reasons why Maine would and does look absolutely amazing on the screen.

Yes, Maine has been the destination for some films. While some movies like are actually set in Maine, it does not always mean that they were filmed in Maine. One movie that was both set and filmed in Maine is "Casper". "Casper" was set in Friendship, Maine, but was mainly filmed in Rockport.

Some movies even choose to create a fictional Maine town. Maine horror author, Stephen King, is known for taking the beauty that Maine offers but ultimately creating his own towns in Maine (Derry, Haven, and Jerusalem's Lot are just some examples of King's fictional Maine towns).

As "the most magical time of the year" is here, it makes me wonder why there are not many holiday movies out there set in Maine. There are holiday movies set in other New England states such as "White Christmas" which is set in Vermont, "An American Christmas Carol" which is set in New Hampshire, and the holiday horror movie set in Massachusetts "Silent Night, Bloody Night".

Maine offers so much and deserves to share some of the holiday spirit on the big screen. I guess the question would be, where in Maine should filmmakers look to film a Christmas movie?

To help them out, I asked you. Scroll below to see 30 Maine towns that Mainers think are perfect to set a Christmas movie in.

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