Kira's wedding was on Saturday at The Popponesset Inn in Mashpee. It was a beautiful day for a wedding. And the beach served as the perfect backdrop for the nuptials.

It was my very first time attending a Jewish wedding. And it was every bit as awesome as Kira had described. Two hundred of us gathered under a tent to watch Kira and Steven exchange vows. It was romantic, elegant, and fun. It was a true celebration of happiness. It is, without doubt, the best wedding I've ever attended.

Here are my three favorite moments from Kira's wedding.

3. The First Dance: Kira and Steven doing there thing as husband and wife. This dance was exactly what I had expected. A traditional dance...with a Kira twist.

2. My second favorite moment of the night was the Horah. Man, that looks fun. I really wanted to join in, but then I wouldn't have gotten this amazing video of Kira and Steven living their best lives. But I really wanted to bounce around in those chairs while people danced around me in a big circle.

That brings me to my favorite moment of the night. The Father-Daughter Dance. If you'll recall this dance was a last minute addition to the festivities. Kira's dad, Barry, wanted his dance with Kira to be something fun and memorable. And it was.

The two "rehearsed" a few nights each week via FaceTime to perfect the most magical two minutes of the night. And yes, I know the music is muted and you have to link to my Facebook page to watch it. Facebook has some crazy rules about music and copyrights. But link to my page and watch it. It's worth...even without all the music there.

Mozel tov Kira! You're the best co-host any guy could ever ask for. And besides Steven, I'm probably the luckiest guy in the world to share each morning with you. I wish you nothing but happiness.


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