The holiday season is finally here whether you like it or not. Thanksgiving is a week from this Thursday. And the Christmas music is blaring from the speakers throughout the stores all across New Hampshire and Maine.

I'm not a huge Christmas music fan. My mom loves it. When we were kids, my younger sister and I would regularly wake up to the sounds of Blue Christmas by Elvis on my mom's stereo about this time of year. Of course back then Christmas meant getting cool toys and lots of gifts. As an adult it means giving cool toys and lots of gifts!

But this year has been a little different. I'm actually looking forward to the holidays. I even embraced the Christmas music as I strolled the mall, keeping my eye out for gift ideas. That is until they played my most hated Christmas song...Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey.

Listen, I love Italians. I don't mind donkey's. But that song puts me over the edge. So I buttoned up my jacket, put on my hat, and headed home. And I didn't listen to Christmas music on my way.

I guess no matter how much we love the holiday, we all have at least one Christmas song that gets on our nerves. Here are the ones that WOKQ and The Peak listeners said they hope they never hear again.


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