Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band has a wine called Z. Alexander Brown. They have a Pinot Noir, Sauv Blanc, Red Blend, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. A bottle will set you back about 16.99. Not too shabby!

Drew Barrymore makes a line of very affordable wines. Its called Barrymore by Carmel Road and she makes Pinot Grigio, rose of Pinot noir and a red blend. I saw the Pinot Grigio online for 5.99. Holy moly, that's like as much as a box of Franzia! I'm a little scared of that one.

Of course, Angelina Jolie has a brand of wine! After dealing with her 47 children all day (just kidding she only has six) she needs to unwind with a nice glass of rose. Angelina bought a vineyard with Brad back when they were together and it is still thriving. (unlike their marriage) Their rose has been called the "Superstar of Rose" by people who drink a lot of rose. Just look at this pretty bottle:

Little Big Town is trying their hand at winemaking and from what I gather, it's going pretty well. They look really cool drinking it at least.

Their wine is called 4 Cellars. I imagine the name originated from the fact that the band has four members! Just a guess. The brand came out in May of 2017 and the debut releases were a Chardonnay and a red blend.

If you are wondering what Drew Bledsoe has been up to since he hung up his helmet, he's been hanging out at his winery called the Doubleback Winery in Walla Walla Washington. Not a bad retirement plan, Bledsoe!

I wouldn't mind opening a winery somewhere sunny as a side hustle. How hard could it be to squish some grapes and wait for them to ferment? I'm just kidding. Making good wine is an art form.

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