Be prepared to take a trip to the unexplained. New England is rich in history and alleged hauntings. If you want to check out some of the spookiest places in New Hampshire, here are a couple of cemeteries to put on your list according to

Take a stroll through Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua. That is if you can. Stories are told that if the cemetery doesn’t want you there, you will feel the sensation of being pushed back or the feel of walking through deep mud or water even though there is no mud or water present. Spooky.

Point of Graves Burial Ground, Portsmouth has tales that go way back in time. It’s the oldest cemetery in the state of New Hampshire. Some hear mysterious footsteps; others say the tombstone of one Dr. Vaughn will glow if photographed. Even if you don’t discover a haunting experience at Point of Graves Burial Ground in Portsmouth you will be sure to learn a little about the state’s history with a visit. There are more alleged haunted cemeteries in the article from


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