When you think of adding four legged friends to the family, the first thing which comes to might be a cat. Or, maybe a dog. If these aren't in your wheelhouse, the New Hampshire SPCA might have something for you.

Pigs. Two Pigs.

Six year old Pickles, and three year old Otis are up for adoption. They are brother and sister, and a package deal, according to the SPCA, who would like to see them go to the same home. Why not yours? Word is, much like the author of this post, they love peanuts!

According to their website, "The New Hampshire SPCA is one of the few animal shelters in the state equipped to provide care and adoption for homeless, abused or neglected farm animals." So, if the pigs aren't your thing, but you're obviously still reading, you might be interested in who else is up for adoption. Per the site, farmyard friends available for adoption include horses, ponies, pigs, goats, sheep, fowl, and occasionally other barnyard animals.

Besides, #pigsofinstagram stands out a little more :)



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