Just in time for Easter, New Hampshire welcomes seven bunnies to the Granite State. Say hello to Odeletta, Zelenka, Birdie, Bluebell, Florence, Fontanne and Kelby.

These beautiful girls were part of a massive relocation effort by an animal rescue group in Las Vegas. WMUR says in 2007 some domestic rabbits were dumped at an area called the Las Vegas Dumpsite.

Today on the streets of Vegas, there are over 800 rabbits fending for themselves, in what The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire calls a "horrifying situation. A Las Vegas rescue group relocated over 100 of the rabbits to shelters across the country. The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire was more than happy to take in the  furry critters.

The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire Facebook page says they hope to have all seven rabbit ready for adoption in a few weeks. If you'd like to donate toward the cost of spaying for the bunnies click HERE.

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