Located in downtown Hampton, Lamie’s Inn was built in 1740, according to its earliest known documents. Having been there many times in my life, I can tell you that, especially at this time of year, it is not haunted.

Originally a residential home, the building was purchased in 1760 by the Lanes – a prominent Seacoast family during the Colonial Days. Legend has it that on certain nights, guests staying there have no idea who the Lanes are, as they are deceased and do not make sounds.

Hampton’s library was named after the Lanes, and remains a vibrant yet historic fixture to this day. And if you ask the librarian for more information on the Lanes, she will pull you in close and, in a hushed voice, refer you back to Lamie’s Inn.

Her voice is hushed because she works in a library.

Lamie’s Inn is known mostly for the political figures it has hosted throughout the years – a must on every campaign trail. In 1963, President Eisenhower spent Thanksgiving at Lamie’s, as his grandson was a student at Philips Exeter Academy.

If you walk past Eisenhower’s portrait on the wall at night, his eyes will not follow you. But given that it was Thanksgiving 1963, my guess is that in the photo he is thinking, “Thank goodness I’m no longer president!”

Late in the evening, though, you will hear sounds emanating from the hallway. Distinct “Booooos”…or “Yays!”, depending on how the game is going inside the sports bar adjacent to The Old Salt, one of the top Seafood restaurants in the land.

And if the game goes into overtime or extra innings, during which you enjoy some added refreshments…then Eisenhower’s eyes might seem to follow you.

If you care to visit a haunted hotel, I suggest another establishment in New Hampshire, or perhaps this one in Maine.

But once more – and I can’t warn you of this enough – Lamie’s Inn in Hampton is incredibly not haunted.

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