Have you seen NBC’s promo for the Patriots Buccaneers game?


Have you seen the promo for next week’s Patriot’s vs. Buccaneer’s game?  It’s a classic that left me laughing hysterically.  I don’t know whose idea it was, but it is pure genius.  I can’t imagine a more perfect way to introduce the game than an Adele song. Huffpost.com shared the news.


The Return of the Goat


I wonder what Tom Brady will think of the fall weather in New England when he returns next week to play against his former team.  Much had been made about how much he disliked the weather here.  How will the fans react to seeing him in another uniform?  However, you feel about his return, you got to head over to Twitter to see the NBC Promo for the game featuring the song “Hello” from Adele.  It made me laugh, maybe it will make you sad but however, you feel it makes you FEEL which I think makes it the best football game promo ever. I'm not crying your crying...


Check out the Comments for Yourself


Some of the reaction to the Adele/Brady/Belichick promo is funny. Huffpost.com reviewed some of the tweets.  @peepsaresaying says “Many people are saying ‘I never would’ve thought that a Tom Brady/Bill Belichick/Patriots promo with Adele singing would’ve hit me right in the feels, but here we are.”  @icejesspresso says “This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day bc imagine going to work and ur boss asks you to make a Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick edit to hello by adele.”  Some of you laughed and some of you cried.  Hello from the other side as Adele would say.



Not to make this even sadder

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