I have spotted a few bald eagles in my day and they are majestic creatures. Their wingspan is just massive and you can't help but gasp as you see them swoop down from the sky.

WMTW posted a video on their facebook page of a bald eagle swimming to shore in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Shockingly, this dude is an amazing swimmer! The overall theme in the comments section is "I've never seen a bald eagle swim before!" It is a pretty crazy thing to watch. Behold:

No one knows for sure why the bald eagle was swimming but here are a few theories floating around on the Book of Faces:

1. The Bald Eagle was injured and couldn't fly. (unlikely as we saw him flap his wings at the end and he appeared to be fine)

2. He swooped down when trying to catch a fish for lunch. However, his wings got wet on accident and then became to heavy for him to fly so swimming to shore was the only option.

3. Michael Phelps and this Bald Eagle are in a Freaky Friday situation and have temporarily switched bodies.

Perhaps we should ask NH Fish and Game and see if they know the reason. Either way, we are happy to see that Mr. Baldy made it safely to shore. Maybe he should enter himself in a triathlon next!

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