Tina L Wright shared this video to the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page and the people can't get enough. This Beaver is a hard working citizen:


This dude has now been spotted not once but twice moving entire tree limbs across the street by himself. This guy needs a vacation or at least some backup!

According to Animals.mom.com, the Fall is the busiest time to be a beaver. As summer comes to a close, beavers start building their winter stockpiles at night. They also spend part of the night hours shoring up their existing dams or lodges to prepare for cold weather. They are more likely to come out briefly during the day in the fall, especially to give themselves more time to gather food and materials in preparation for winter. Hence why we keep spotting this guy in the broad daylight! I really think we should name him. How do you feel about "Bart"? Bart the Beaver. Let me know what you think.

Per usual, the comments on this video had me rolling. Here is what the people had to say:

Katie Greeley: What a trooper! This is the 2nd video I've seen of this hard worker! The other video he was dragging a whole limb ❤

Jessica Dymond O'Connell: I think some people could take notes from this lil guys work ethic;)

oooo Jessica's throwing a little shade and I like it! I see you, girl!

Becky Corliss: He does not want just any tree he wants that one and won't take no for an answer
This whole thing has me thinking, where did the phrase "eager beaver" come from? I consulted Google about it and according to idioms.com
"The phrase was first used in the early 1900's to describe the very eager recruits who were willing to do anything to impress their commanding officers during the war. Beavers are large rodents that are well known for their skill of building dams that are very large compared to their size."
Well if this eager beaver in Whtiefield is trying to impress us, he's doing a mighty fine job!

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