There seems to be a real influx of scams going on lately -- real estate scams, Facebook scams, and now, based on this viral TikTok from New Hampshire resident Krysta Lewis, a Google Phone scam is now in the works, too.

In a recent TikTok that Krysta posted a couple of days ago (that has gone super viral with over 1.6 million views), Krysta tells the tale of how she posted a few things on Facebook Marketplace that she was attempting to sell. She mentioned that she was contacted by someone who was about her age (so young enough to be tech-savvy, but not super young and also not generations older where technology is a struggle) and interested in some of the items she had listed.

The woman that reached out to her, who went by the name "Ashley," ironically wanted to confirm that Krysta was a real person -- which is understandable since anyone can hack anyone else in various ways (again, ironic, considering the story). "Ashley" sent Krysta a six-digit Google voice code that she asked Krysta to send back for confirmation that she's an actual human and not a bot/hacking program.

By sending that code back to "Ashley," what Krysta unknowingly did was actually give "Ashley" the ability to claim her phone number, then reach out to other people pretending to either be Krysta herself or disguise herself as another number.

Krysta admits that she fell for the scam because she actually thought it was clever and resourceful that someone her age was smart enough to come up with a verification system through Google voice/Google phone; however, you'll be able to see in her video below there was one massive tell that she missed.

Did you catch the tell? Krysta may have been giving "Ashley" the benefit of the doubt, but one MAJOR tell that this was in fact a scam is the responses that Krysta was getting from "Ashley" -- and the absolute butchering of proper sentences. It seems super nerdy, but more often than not, people using incorrect usage of words is a big tell that it's not legit.

"Just making sure you post is real." "I send it." "Ok I sent a 6 digits google voice code. If your real person please reply me real code" -- everything in bold just stands out as a possible issue. Sure, a language barrier is possible, but 9 times out of 10 it's usually a dead giveaway that something fishy is going on.

Be safe out there, friends! It's turning into a very scammy world!

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