According to, Nate Roman of Massachusetts was alarmed upon arriving home from work last week when he discovered that his house had been broken into.

A strong odor of cleaning products hit him as soon as he opened his door. Nothing smells better than Pinesol!

As he rushed around checking all the rooms, he discovered a truly bizarre twist.

Whoever had broken in, took nothing but CLEANED HIS HOUSE, the article reported. All of the bedrooms and bathrooms were cleaned to perfection. They even cleaned and organized his 5-year-old son’s room.

I recall my kids’ room when they were young, and it was an all-day event just to pick up the stuffed animals.

According to, Roman thinks he may have left a door unlocked and forget to arm his alarm systems, so sadly, we have no video record of the event.

Who would do such a thing?

Due to the beautifully sculpted roses made out of toilet paper in the bathroom, it appears to be the work of professionals.

Another strange twist to the story is they did NOT clean the kitchen, so possibly by the time they got to that room, they discovered they were in the wrong house.

Maybe I should start leaving my door unlocked and hope for the best.

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