According to WMUR, Beth Whipple of Nashua NH is on quite the running streak. 1,000 days in a row to be exact! When I go to the gym two days in a row, I parade around like  I deserve a medal. Beth's commitment and will power is seriously impressive.

She started running the day after Christmas in 2014 with the goal of running at least one mile every day for a year. Well she couldn't stop after a year, so she just kept going! In 1,000 days she has racked up 6,078 miles and 7 marathons!

And as we know, the weather here in NH isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Beth has run in sleet, snow, rain and anything else mother nature has thrown at us in the past 1,000 days.

But on Saturday, Beth is finally going to put her feet up and take a rest day. She plans to sleep in, watch cartoons and eat pancakes and I would say she deserves that.

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