"Pics or it didn't happen!" refers to the mentality that has been ingrained in our minds via social media. Everything from what concerts we go to, to where we like to take our dog for walks needs to be documented.

This is where gym selfies come in. How are people supposed to know that you are physically active if you don't have photographic evidence?! Edge Fitness in Fairfield CT, have taken gym selfies to whole new level by providing designated selfie rooms for their members. WOWZERS.

According to Shape magazine, The club did a survey and found that 43% of gym goers have taken a selfie while at the gym. So why not give them some space and some photo friendly lighting to take their selfies in?  Apparently the selfie rooms are stocked with hair products and other accessories you may need to take your best gym selfie.

Personally, I look like a lobster-faced sweaty mess after a workout and taking a selfie is the last thing I wan't to do. But I suppose I am in the minority!

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