New Hampshire is the Birthplace of Paintball

Did you know that in 1981, the very first paintball game was played in New Hampshire? It's the birthplace of the competitive team shooting sport that has become a sensation around the world where no one gets hurt, except for maybe a stray welt or two.

So New Hampshire takes paintball seriously and no place shows that more than OSG Paintball in Center Barnstead, New Hampshire, the largest paintball park in New England.

12 Themed Courses to Choose From Including Star Wars

Why just go out in the woods and hide behind some trees when you can choose from twelve themed courses like Halo, Area 51 or an amazing Star Wars course. They went all out with this bad boy, including a Tie Fighter, X-Wing Fighter, a downed AT-ST a two-story-tall AT-AT and an Ewok village. If only they threw Jar Jar in there so you could take your aggression out on Geroge Lucas for making Jar Jar a part of the prequels and unload all your paintball ammo into him.

Does It Hurt When You Get Hit?

I've never played pinball before, but it looks like a lot of fun. I had concerns though as I think anyone who hasn't played paintball before does, the big one being, does it hurt? According to OSG Paintball's website, the paintballs break on impact and you might not even feel them. If you do, they promise it doesn't hurt as much as you might think. The do offer a low-impact paintball if you'd rather play it safer.

Safety comes first too. Statistically, paintball is safer than golf and they make sure it stays that way by assuring all players have the proper safety gear.

If you want to find out more about OSG Paintball, just hit up their website below.

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