A former library that was constructed in 1908 that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places is up for sale in Harrison. The Former Caswell Public Library stands out amongst the slightly more modern buildings along Main Street in Harrison Village today.

According to Harrison Village Library, Harrison native Daniel Caswell moved to Texas but still returned to Harrison to stay at his summer home near Crystal Lake. . When he left his permanent residence in Harrison, he donated land to the village and $1700 toward the $3500 it would cost to build the library.

The Caswell Public Library was completed in 1908, and in 1947 Trustees legally made the name change of the corporation from Harrison Public Library Association to Caswell Public Library Association.

This photo undated photo of the Caswell Library from eBay seller Postcards at the Trove, shows that the structure of the building hasn't changed much over the years. You can also see that Harrison Village was not as developed as it is today, even though the Village is still pretty quaint in the 21st century. See the farm in the background? That's not farmland anymore.

postcards_at_the_trove via ebay
postcards_at_the_trove via eBay

The building remained the home of Harrison's library until 2004 when the space became too small for the library's needs. According to the Bangor Daily News, It was then purchased by Averill and Christine Davis of Harrison who rented it out to two businesses since then.

Now they're selling it for a price of $280,000. The Olde Mill Tavern just up the street also went up for sale back in September, but the owners are going to take their time in finding the right buyer.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Let's hope that whoever buys this beautiful piece of history keeps it just as it is.

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