There is no denying that it has been hotter than average Summer. Now I know why they call them the "Dog Days of Summer" But after seeing this picture, I'm thinking we should start calling them the "Owl Days of Summer".

Jessica FitzGerald via u Local New Hampshire
Jessica FitzGerald via u Local New Hampshire

WOW! Only in New Hampshire, am I right? Jessica FitzGerald captured this candid in Londonderry and shared it with the U local New Hampshire Facebook group and the people just cant get enough! The photo has been shared over 200 times and has tons of comments.

One woman said she also has an owl visitor who sits on the edge of her pool. The owl waits for grasshoppers to land in the pool, grabs them with his talons, and flies away. "mmm lunch!" I feel like who needs a pool skimmer when you have an owl as a pool boy?

Here are some of my other favorite comments:

Laurie AnneMarcy Charron: So beautiful! He almost doesn't look real. You are lucky to have such a cool visitor.

Tanya Delani: Such a great photo!! He’s contemplating a quick dip to cool off perhaps 😊

Eric Grennell: It’ll be a long time waiting for a fish in that lake

A lot of people commented that they were surprised to see this creature in the broad daylight. Don't owls only come out at night? That's where the saying "night owl" came from. DUH! But according to MercuryNews, most owls are nocturnal and do the majority of their hunting at night. However, there are a few owls that work the 9-5 shift like we do. Snowy and Short Eared owls are daytime owls. Does anyone know what kind of owl is pictured above?

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