I absolutely love when people don't take themselves too seriously. How many engagement photos have we seen on our newsfeeds of a couple looking lovingly into each other's eyes while feigning laughter. I don't mean to knock love because I am a huge fan of it. It's great to see people loving each other! I much prefer that over political posts. But once you've seen one future groom carry a future bride on random field you've seen them all. Let's break up the monotony with some fresh content, shall we?

When I saw the photos that Hilary Wentzell posted to the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page, I cackled like one of the witches in Hocus Pocus. Now THIS is something you don't see everyday. I don't know if this is an engagement photo shoot or just for fun but either way I am LIVING FOR IT.

Hillary Wentzell via u Local New Hampshire

And here are Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkinhead enjoying the fall foliage.

Hillary Wentzell via u local new hampshire facebook

The people can't get enough of these two precious pumpkins. Here is what they are saying in the comments:

MaryLou Parillo DiSalvo: Pumpkin People!!! I’ve heard about you!!

Avion Mae: um COUPLE GOALS (I agree)

Dawn Levesque: This is hilarious

If these pumpkin people wanted to make a series I would certainly follow their adventures. Imagine: Pumpkin People on the beach! Pumpkin People in the mall! Pumpkin people ON THE MOON (that one you would obviously have to photoshop) The sky is the limit. Hillary, if you want to take this idea and run with it please feel free. You don't need to give me credit.

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