If you love donuts and let's face it, many of us do...you MUST try this specialty doughnut shop on the seacoast that sells out almost every day they're open.

The name of the business is called Donut Love and they're located on Lafayette Road (Route 1) in North Hampton. They've been open for a couple of years now and business obviously is going very well.

Mark and I have stopped in a few times early afternoon and each time they only had a few items left. So, it's not a surprise to hear they sell-out of their delicious products almost every day they're open.

Donut Love is owned and operated by Michael and Stephanie Oliveira. Michael Oliveira is a former police officer in both North Hampton and Stratham.

What makes Donut Love doughnuts different than the chain restaurants is that the Oliveira family makes Maine-style potato doughnuts. Instead of using yeast, they use actual potatoes.

They also have some pretty tasty coffee that goes very, very well with those handmade doughnuts!

Next time you're in the area, make sure you stop by and check them out for yourself. Donut Love hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday 7am-1pm

Credit Karen Kiley
Credit Karen Kiley

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