To me, happiness can come in many forms. In the Summer, it can look like a waffle cone filled with cookie dough ice cream and rainbow sprinkles on top.

According to, Ice Cream Delights is a small ice cream stand in Lincoln, New Hampshire, with big scoop energy. By that I mean they may appear small on the outside but their menu and portions are anything but!

Ice Cream Delights is nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire which means that you get to enjoy your delicious cone (or cup) with a view!

As previously mentioned, their menu is extensive. They have everything from soft serve, hard serve, fro-yo, slushies, shakes, and beyond! Any ice cream fantasies your mind can conjure up, chances are they have it on the menu.

Also, lets talk about the kind folks behind the counter for a minute. A few weeks ago, young K dropped her ice cream on the ground and was really sad about it. If this has ever happened to you, you are no stranger to the devastation. The owners saw what happened and immediately sprang into action. They came out and gave Miss K a brand new fresh cone and soon her frown was turned upside down!

Businesses like Ice Cream Delights are the reason people love spending time in New Hampshire. They are the fabric of our communities. We need these family owned businesses to continue to thrive so we can take our children and grandchildren one day. That's what life is all about isn't it? Eating ice cream and making memories?!

Follow Ice Cream Delights on Facebook and pay them a visit this Summer. They would love to see ya!

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