Huh! Just when I thought I heard it all! I follow the Facebook group "You grew up/lived in southern N.H./ME. seacoast if you remember". Someone posted this very important question:

Cindy Beck via Facebook

Apparently people DO remember this because the post got 392 comments! Upon further investigation it seems like this snack was often enjoyed as a side of soup. People say they dipped the "butter crackers" in chicken soup broth or even a seafood or chowder. This is a nostalgic snack for many especially when they are feeling sick.

Many people said their parents used to eat crushed up saltines in milk and eat it with a spoon like cereal, a depression era snack. Maybe the saltines with butter is a variation of that!

Here's what the people are saying about this beloved snack:

Cathy Hartman Heal: Good if you bake them with butter on them. My MIL did that

Holly Smith Thibeault: My sister and I just had them the other day!

Patricia Alday: Yes, still do with chili or soup! Not real butter as a kid, oleo.

SallyAnn Ferullo: Yes, crushed in chicken noodle or tomato soup.

I remember putting peanut butter/jelly on my crackers from time to time but never just straight up butter! Perhaps this is strictly a southern NH/Maine delicacy since the trend didn't make it's way down to Massachusetts (at least in the 90's)

If I grew up with this snack I might feel differently about it. As an outsider, I don't love butter enough to slather it on a cracker. I can only imagine the cracker doesn't absorb the butter as well as a slice of bread does. Therefore the butter would just kind of sit in it's thick form atop the cracker. That doesn't appeal to me. I am a peanut butter, jelly, or even cream cheese kind of gal.

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