In the future, you'll be able to camp in this Vacationland desert.

According to WGME 13, The Desert of Maine has been purchased by Freeport, Maine residents Mela and Doug Heestand.

For those who have been curious on how a desert shows up in the middle of Maine, and if it's legit, there is an explanation. Yes, the Desert of Maine is considered a geological wonder. According to Wikipedia, it originated when the Tuttle family purchased and began farming the site beginning in 1797. However, they couldn't rotate their potato crops. Plus, sheep overgrazed the property, leading to soil erosion. The initial exposed small patch of sand gradually spread and ended up swallowing the entire farm. The Tuttles abandoned the land in 1919 when it was purchased for $300 by Henry Goldrup, who realized it would be a much better tourist attraction over a working farm.

Residents are planning a number of renovations, including a campground. Plus, admission will be free for Freeport residents.


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