My husband and I have had a pet turtle for the past decade. If you listen to the show you have probably heard me refer to her from time to time. We thought she was a male for the first eight years of owning her and then one day she laid eggs! We were in utter disbelief! We pretty much decide she was male since the only other turtles we knew were the ninja turtles. I blame mainstream media. Though a turtle is not your standard pet, she has brought us a lot of joy throughout the years. And as you can imagine, she is a great conversation piece when we have friends over.

For many of our friends, Steven and I are the only people they know who own a turtle. As a result, we have assumed the roles of  "The Turtle People". As turtle people, we have been on the receiving end of just about every turtle themed gift you can imagine. When people see something "Turtle-ey" out in the world, they feel compelled to buy it for us. (and we're not complaining!) Over the years we have accumulated turtle magnets, shot glasses, jewelry, salt and pepper shakers, you name it, we own it!

Another aspect of being turtle people is being tagged in any and all turtle related content on social media. One of my friends brought this photo to my attention and I am so thrilled she did! It was posted by Gardella Robin on the Friends of Hampton Beach NH Facebook page. Gardella took advantage of one of the sunny days we had recently and took her two turtles Pippin and Piper out for a walk on North Beach:

Gardella Robin via Facebook
Gardella Robin via Facebook

Gardella mentioned in the comments that Pippin and Piper have been enjoying walks on Hampton Beach for 18 years! Holy moly! Make sure to say hello to these two precious creatures if you see them on the beach this Summer. Gardella says they have tons of personality!

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