A Belfast, Maine woman who posted a video on YouTube, threatening town officials as "targets," has been arrested on charges of terrorizing with a dangerous weapon.

According to The Republican Journal, 56 year old Laurie Allen posted a video where she shot at targets. At the end of one of the NSFW videos, (which have been taken down) Allen picked up the camera, listed each city councilor, the city manager, and the city planner by name, adding "Thanks for being my targets, you a*******."

The article states Police Chief Michael McFadden said police believe the video delivered a terrorizing message to all of the city councilors, the city manager and even some employees of the city of Belfast.

Allen has a storied past with Belfast, including numerous lawsuits, and has been seen holding protest signs outside municipality buildings.According to the Republican Journal, she was arrested and charged with harassment in November of last year.

Her bail has been set for $25,000. More charges could be forthcoming, due to the fact multiple people were named in the video.

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