It was a scary day at Amazon in Nashua, NH, on Thursday.

WMUR reported that the building had to be evacuated after some chemicals were mixed together, sending three employees to the hospital.

Nashua Fire-Rescue said that the hazmat team responded to the scene after being called about a chemical reaction. Officials say some of the workers were exposed while cleaning the building.

Deputy Chief Karl Gerhard told the news station that they assisted three people from the building who exhibited signs of respiratory related issues, and coughing.

Amazon said that they take the safety of their employees seriously and are cooperating fully with the investigation as to what happened, according to WMUR

Two of the three people were treated and released, the news station noted, while the third was still in the hospital on Thursday afternoon.

This is not the first time such a scary incident has happened locally.

Back in November, a Buffalo Wild Wings worker was killed in a hazmat incident.

According to, 32-year-old Ryan Baldera of Lawrence died after being exposed to two cleaning agents, Super 8 and Scale Kleen.

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