Most of us probably use a work computer for some aspect of our job. I'm writing this blog post on a work computer. And while it should be common sense to NEVER use your company computer for certain things...there's one thing I've learned about life;   common sense isn't common.

So here are three things Business Insider says you should never put on your company computer...under any circumstance.

Porn. This definitely seems like the one everyone should know about. But, as crazy as it sounds, people get caught doing it all of the time. Especially if it's a laptop and they travel with it.

Video Games. It looks really unprofessional if someone finds out. And it makes the computer vulnerable for hackers.

Offensive Joke or Memes. Obviously you should never send dirty jokes using company e-mail. But you could also get tin trouble if someone sends something to you. So if that happens, delete it as soon as you can. If could get fired.

There are actually a few more things that shouldn't be on your company computer. So check out the Business Insider link that I highlighted for you earlier.

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