I can actually hear Jerry Seinfeld doing a piece on stamps.  'What's the deal with stamps?' 



Do you even use stamps anymore? Mark is forever making fun of me because I'm kind of set in my ways when it comes to bill paying! He on the other hand, is all about paying his bills online.

A man and his computer
Mark, bill paying online

I guess I'm old fashioned in the sense, I still write checks to pay my bills and yes I still make a trip to the Post Office to buy stamps. I don't know why, but I find it refreshing. The employees behind the counter are always really nice and ask me what design I want on the stamps. That part, I couldn't care less about. As long as they stick on the envelope and get my payment to where it needs to be, I don't care if there are flowers, teddy bears, or some dead person on the stamp. Holy cow, there are a lot of different stamp designs!

Post Office
Getty Images Justin Sullivan

So, I'm curious. Do you still go to the Post Office?  Are you like Mark Ericson and pay your bills online or...are you like me and still sit down and write out checks, put a stamp on the envelope and drop it in one of the big blue boxes on the side of the road?

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