Let's go back to October, 1974 for Throwback Thursday! If you'd like me to highlight a specific year for you, shoot me an e mail at mark@morningwakingcrew.com. The number one country song on the Billboard charts was 'I Love My Friend' by Charlie Rich. The number one pop song was a country cross-over hit by Olivia Newton-John called 'I Honestly Love You'.

The big news event in October of '74 would be late in the month when Zaire hosted the heavyweight title fight that would go down in history as 'The Rumble In The Jungle'. It would last 8 rounds and Muhammad Ali would knock out George Foreman. Inexplicably this would lead us all to an era where you could cook a burger and seal in the flavor without the fat.

If you wanted to go camping and were concerned about how many miles to the gallon your car got, there was this little gem...

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