Like it or not, this is the time of year when healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits seem to take a backseat to baked goods and egg nog. Here are some helpful hints to help you try and stay on track.


Below are some of the Stay-Healthy Tips for the holidays supplied by Readers Digest.

1.  Focus on fun…not food

We all know the holidays are about spending time with the ones you love. It’s not about how much food you can eat.

2.  Modify your eating times

Relatives, friends and neighbors all have different meal times than you, so try and adjust to their meal times.

3.  Cut down your own tree

Nothing like getting a work out while cutting down your very own Christmas tree!

4.  Indulge in SPECIAL holiday treats

Treat yourself only to those once-a-year goodies.

5.  Make the time to exercise

Exercise is a great stress reliever. Find the time for a quick trip to the gym or get outside for a run/walk.

6.  Stock the freezer with healthy foods

Plan ahead.  Prepare and freeze healthy meals.

7.  Go easy on the gravy and sauces

Don’t be heavy-handed while pouring the sauce/gravy over your holiday dinners!

8.  Drink responsibly 

Try and limit yourself during the festivities.