Do you know anyne who has done this? Was it you? It's ok you can tell us. This is a safe space.

Since I don't give many hoots about football I don't have it in me to damage something in my home when the Pats lose or the ref made a call that I believe to be bull crappery.

However, I know many people have that kind of passion for the team that they love. There are different levels of anger/involvement when it comes to watching sports:

Yelling profanity at the TV

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This one is more common and is less damaging than vandalizing property!

Praying between plays

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This one is a little more intense and can be funny to watch but people don't appreciate if you laugh at them while they do this. (I speak from experience)

Throwing things in anger

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If you toss an empty solo cup against the wall you look at little foolish but at least you didn't break anything. But if you throw a glass beer mug against the wall then were all a little scared and you should probably calm it down.

 Punching Holes in walls

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This is a level four, code red. Stop doing this, your wife (or husband) will really appreciate it.

I know this is the worst thing to say to a very passionate sports fan but now that we are in the playoffs it is important to remember, it is only a game.