You know the expression, "Life's too short, buy the shoes?"

Me neither, but apparently it is pretty popular. The meaning is essentially an excuse to buy a pair of shoes (even when you don't need another pair).

I have a's too short, buy the concert tickets. Don't worry, this one has meaning (more than the shoes).

A month ago, my favorite band in the world, Ripe, announced that they were going to be in Boston at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway in April 2023.

My wife and I have seen this band MANY times, nine in the last three years, so we decided to take this one off.

After announcing a new record label, new album, new songs, new band members, and playing at this brand-new venue, my wife and I were heavily feeling the FOMO (fear of missing out).

We had not missed a New England Ripe show once in three years. Why now?

Truthfully, to save money.

We decided that we shouldn't pay $100 bucks a ticket, the Uber/parking, the drinks and food, and so on. Not to mention the next day was Easter...

Well, we were feeling the FOMO and the regret a lot. So, we bought some last-minute tickets.

Instead of the front of the floor, which we usually purchase, we bought cheaper seats. We ate dinner before and had drinks at the house.

We made it a date night, not a giant to-do with a group of 20+ people (which is typically the standard).

As we had a drink before the show, my wife and I sighed in relief. We were going to our 10th show. During the first Ripe show we attended in 2019, we officially started dating.

The 10th show was our first one as a married couple.

The opener, who we did not know going in, was UNBELIEVABLE. We knew every song, and the lead singer gave us passion behind every word.

The band provided us with the best concert of all 10 we have seen. The crowd moved me...literally. We were dancing, screaming, singing, and had the best time.

So, back to the shoes quote again..." life's too short, buy the shoes."

No. Shoes wear out. They break. They become ruined.

Memories do not.

So, let's re-work that quote: "Life's too short, buy the concert tickets." You'll never regret that purchase and memories.

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