Recently I wrote an article about the best pizza, perhaps in the history of pizza, and the response I got was disturbing.

Let's start with what kind of pizza I am talking about: beach pizza.

When I wrote those two words in a group chat of about 20+ New Hampshire and Maine locals, I got a few horrific responses from folks who had never heard of the incredible 'za.

1. "Would it be the incredibly doughy pizza one can get from a beachfront pizza stand." – Anonymous

2. "I assumed it was when you're eating pizza near the beach and a strong gust of wind blows beach sand onto your slice and now you're eating beach pizza." – Anonymous

No. No. No. No.

I was today-years-old when I found out there are people IN NEW ENGLAND, ON THE SEACOAST, who do not know what beach pizza is.

First of all, it's not doughy. It does not have sand in it (intentionally), and it is not your traditional pizza.

It is thin. The sauce is sweet, like sugar in the sauce. That kind of sweet. Oh, and it has very little cheese on top unless you specify that you want an extra piece of deli-sliced provolone on top (which is a must).

The beach pizza pieces come by the slice, but don't waste your time.  You will want more. You can also order a box of eight...for yourself. Do that option, trust me.

Beach Pizza comes from one of two locations: Tripoli's and Cristy's.

These places are somewhat rivals, because they both produce the same product (kind of).

You can't like both. That's not how it works here. Locals know that.

Tourists will see a longer line at one location and go to the other; however, if you are from the Seacoast, you are loyal to one. And that means you will wait in whatever line it takes to get your favorite.

To pick your allegiance, check 'em out here.

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