Dear Angry Woman,

Truth be told, I don't exactly know if you were angry or not, but you sure as heck came off that way. And I get that grocery shopping for the most part is a massive annoyance to probably about 98% of the population, but grocery shopping seemed to have nothing to do with your anger.

I'm not even sure if you noticed me that Saturday afternoon, or if you only saw red in the target of your verbal attack, but I was about 10 feet behind him and a little off to the side. He truly seemed like a nice gentleman, too -- just strolling along in the produce aisle, minding his own business, probably shopping so that he and his spouse could have a delicious meal later that night.

Then you happened.

I missed the first few seconds of your abrasiveness, because I was minding my own business getting my own food shopping done, you know, like what usually happens in a grocery store with most people. Apparently you follow the beat of your own drum.

It became pretty apparent that you were ragging on this poor man because he made the decision to wear a mask inside the store while he was getting his shopping done. By the time I realized this doesn't just happen in random videos posted to social media but in actual real life, you were on some tirade and surely flexing your Doctorate of Science credentials (note the sarcasm) about "tiny holes in the mask, so it's going to get in the mask through the holes anyway, so take it off and be a human and live."

Ironically, being a human and living was exactly what that man was doing up until you decided he was in Saturday Detention in a grocery store and in need of a biology lesson. Here's the thing, angry lady -- you don't know one thing about that man. Maybe that man is immunocompromised. Maybe his spouse is. Maybe neither of them are, they just feel more comfortable wearing masks in public.

I truly can't answer why that man had a mask on, and quite honestly, I don't care. It's his prerogative and he's entitled to live his life the way he chooses, just like you were entitled to live your life that day walking around without a mask on. But here's the glaring difference -- did that masked man, even after you went up one side of him and down the other for zero reason, talk down to you for choosing not to wear a mask?

Nope. Did I, who also had a mask on that day? Nope. Did the man behind me, who didn't wear a mask that day but still thought your display was disgusting enough that he looked at me rolling his eyes, shaking his head and saying, "Some people"? Did he say anything to either me or the masked man for our choice? Nope.

Quite honestly, your display that day is absolutely everything that's wrong with the time we're living in right now. That man was doing nothing but shopping, talking to no one, looking at nothing but produce, and here you come angrily sashaying right around this guy to dress him down. Why? Because you needed to be heard? Did it make you feel better? Did you walk around the store full of pride for the rest of your trip?

You're a great example and reminder of what we all need to do these days, myself included for writing this letter -- we all need to just mind our own business because at the end of the day, unless someone is doing something to purposely bring harm against others, WHO CARES WHAT SOMEONE ELSE DOES?! Worry about your own life and go about it.

I'm off my soap box now, angry lady. Now go hug someone you love so maybe you're a little less GRRRRR and foaming at the mouth, and a little more happy like you're getting licked in the face by a cute puppy.

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