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Today, April 28th 2022, we talked about:  

THE GOOD STUFF: We had two really sweet and local stories. One was about New Hampshire's first Cat Café set to open in Newmarket and the other was about the reason some trees are blue in Salem, MA.

Your Celebrity Hall Pass: If the opportunity presented itself where you could "have your way" with one celebrity and your significant other HAD to be cool with it, who would it be? Spoiler Alert: mine is Zac Efron. OBVIOUSLY.

We got so many hilarious messages on the 975 WOKQ app on this topic.

Second Date Update: per usual this segment was a real doozy. Lilly described Spencer as a MAN CHILD because he ordered Chicken Fingers and Apple Juice on their date. That was her reason for ghosting him. Was Lilly being a snob or do you think Spencer should have put on his big boy pants and ordered a steak? You decide.

I also revealed my proven strategy in winning arguments. If someone says something that rubs you the wrong way, instead of firing off a snarky reply, STAY ABSOLUTELY SILENT. It gives them a moment to sit with what they just said and reflect. Nine times out of ten (at least in my experience) that person will realize what they said/how it came across and apologize. Silence speaks volumes. Don't knock it until you try it!

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